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  • An Ultrasonography examination: is a method of imaging using sound waves and is very safe. Many organs of the body can be imaged (e.g. liver, pancreas, gall bladder, uterus, prostate, vessels), and because it is safe we can image unborn babies to assess their growth, etc.  It is usually requested in most of the time by a qualified physician who has assessed your complaint (e.g. abdominal pain, jaundice, infertility, weight loss, etc.).
  • An ultrasonography examination  which usually takes approximately 30-minutes is carried out by a Radiologist or a Sonographer under supervision of Radiologist.  It may require preparation such as fasting or drinking a lot of water to fill the urinary bladder. 
  • For the examination  to be carried out, the patient must remove clothing to expose the area to be scanned and lie on a bed.  The area to be scanned will be covered with water soluble gel, then the transducer from the ultrasound machine will then be placed on the gel and moved around.  The patient may be required to move into different positions and follow simple instruction related to breathing; this will help the Sonographer to take the best possible images.
  • Once the examination is finished,  the patient is offered facilities to clean-up and is instructed to resume a normal diet if they have been fasting. 
  • The result of this examination will be given to the requesting doctor or to the patient.  The Sonographer should not be asked to comment on the examination.
  • Please note,  in the case of obstetric scans, the sex of the baby will not be disclosed, unless the request from the physician or patient states otherwise.


  If you have any enquiries please contact, 664-7323 ; 669-5107.

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