• A Barium Enema: is an x-ray examination of the large intestine/ colon and is usually requested by a qualified physician.  It may be required when a patient complains of a change in bowel habit (e.g. constipation, diarrhea or notices blood in the stool or from the rectum).
  • The barium Enema examination  requires the patient to take bowel preparation for 2-days prior to the appointed time.  Instructions of this will be given with the necessary medications from the appointment desk.
  • The examination  which will take approximately 1-hour will require the patient to remove all clothes and wear an examination gown and it will be necessary to remove all metallic objects (e.g. watch, jewelry, etc.).
  • During the examination,  which will be carried out by a radiologist and a technician, an I.V. injection (Buscopan/Glucagon) of drug that will relax the colon might be given.  Then a small catheter will be introduced into the rectum and a liquid called Barium Sulphate will be run into to the large intestine, and air will also be introduced.  The Barium will coat the wall of the large intestine, the air will distend it slightly, and by moving the patient into different positions on the x-ray table the radiologist will be able to visualize the whole of the large intestine.  X-rays film will be taken.
  • Once the examination is finished, a normal diet can be resumed, it is recommended to increase the amount of fluid for a few days to avoid constipation.  Patients will probably notice a change in the colour of their stool but this is normal.
  • The result  of this examination will be given to the patients or to the requesting doctor.


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